Private One on One Interviews

Interviews conducted by AT on Day -2 and -1

Pre-course (private) one-on-one interviews. This is helpful in the event the AT needs to interview a student on-site, however if registration happens according to the timeline student interviews by the AT will be unnecessary.

The prison staff should reserved a room prior to AT’s arrival.


⁃  Try to keep the interview as relaxed as possible, shake hands, smile.

⁃ “How’d you hear about the course and why are you doing it?”

⁃ “What do your family or friends think? You know there’s no family contact, right?

⁃ “How’s your health? Had any recent sickness or past injuries?” (Often not noted on application.)

⁃ “Are you taking any medications? Is it KOP (keep on person) or does a nurse have to bring it to you” (only inmates with KOP meds are accepted into the course, nurse visits or visits to the infirmary are no longer allowed as its been disruptive for the students)

⁃ “Do you have any pending appointments or other legal matters that you might have to attend to during the period of the course?”

⁃ “Do you smoke?” Urge them to cut way back or better yet, quit. Most only smoke a few a day.

⁃ “Are you a night owl? If so, you’ll have to be awake most of the day, so try to get on a regular day/night schedule as soon as possible.”

⁃ “Are you ready for this? Are you willing to stick it out even when it gets tough?

⁃ “Have you read the blue “Code-of-Discipline” pamphlet? No?- well here you go; make sure you read it before the course. If you feel you cannot follow it, then it’s best that you don’t sit the course at this time.”

  • Make notes of their attitude, anything that might be a factor during the course.
  • Be cautious in sharing information about students with anyone at Donaldson, staff or inmates.
  • Some very old-students often have helpful comments to make on certain students.
  • How many OS applicants are there? Good to have a mix, perhaps 10 OS/20 NS?